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KLEIB C12 is a white cement-based adhesive used primarily for bonding wall and floor cladding made of non-absorbent natural stone. It can also be used for bonding all types of wall and floor ceramic and porcelain tiles, cement and terrazzo tiles, for interior and exterior use. It can be used on all dry, even and structurally sound mineral substrates, and on gypsum plaster boards. It is recommended for sticking large format tiles below 2 m2, especially for balconies, terraces, façades and underfloor heating.

  • enhanced adhesion
  • for any type of ceramic and porcelain tiles, and stone cladding
  • particularly recommended for natural stone cladding
  • white mass reducing the risk of discolouration
  • for large format tiles
  • for interior and exterior use
  • for balconies, terraces, swimming pools and over old tiles
  • for underfloor heating system
  • flexible
  • with extended open time
  • waterproof and frost resistant
packaging 25 kg
pieces per pallet 54
average consumption
1,8 kg – 6,7 kg per m²